Thank You Marana for a Great turn out!

Visit us again in 2014!

After many years of success, the traveling circus began to take its toll on Bobo. He began to tire easily and become agitated over what seemed like nothing at all. One day, while watching George’s act from behind the curtain Bobo peaked into the audience and could not believe his eyes. There, sitting in the second row he saw.....

Check out the Spooky Spectacle of Bobo's Mysterious Traveling Circus! Activities Include: Haunted House, Carnival Games, Trunk-or-Treat, Food & More! This is a great family events suitable for all ages.
Showbiz Kidz Danz Booster Club would like to give a special Thank You to all of our sponsors and volunteers for making this event possible. Your donations, hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated. This event will benefit the company dancers at Showbiz Academy of Dance.